Regunatha Pichai

Regunatha Pichai is the patriarch of the Pichai family, being the father of Sundar Pichai and the husband of Lakshmi Pichai. Anjali Pichai, a talented chemical engineer, is their daughter-in-law, having married Sundar Pichai. Regunatha takes great pride in being a loving grandfather to his two grandchildren.

Early Life

Regunatha’s upbringing took place in a modest household in Ashok Nagar, Chennai, where they resided in a humble two-room dwelling. Working as a manager at an electrical component manufacturing plant for GEC, a renowned British conglomerate, Regunatha established himself as an accomplished electrical engineer.

Family Life

Together with his wife, Lakshmi Pichai, Regunatha has two sons: Sundar Pichai, the elder, and Srinivasan Pichai, the younger. Both sons emerged from middle-class backgrounds and achieved remarkable success in their respective fields. Sundar gained acclaim as the visionary mind behind the creation of the Chrome browser in 2008, which went on to become the most widely used browser in internet history. Srinivasan, an IIT alumnus himself, has also garnered recognition for his achievements in academia.

Son’s Achievements

Sundar’s rise to prominence came with the launch of Google Chrome in 2008, which swiftly surpassed competitors like Firefox and Internet Explorer, becoming the world’s most popular browser. In addition to this, he played a pivotal role in developing various Google search products, including the Google Toolbar, Google Pack, Firefox extensions, and several Google applications such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Mac products. Notably, he holds the distinction of being Google’s third CEO and its first non-white CEO after Larry Page and Eric Schmidt.

Love Story of Sundar

Sundar and Anjali share a heartwarming love story that began during their undergraduate years at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kharagpur. Although initially just friends, they gradually realized a deeper connection and love for each other. Sundar mustered the courage to express his feelings during their final year of engineering, and Anjali reciprocated his affections. Overcoming the challenges of long-distance communication in those days, they nurtured their relationship while Sundar pursued higher studies in the United States. Anjali eventually joined him in the U.S., and they embarked on their journey as a married couple and devoted parents of two children.


Regunatha Pichai’s net worth remains undisclosed, while his son Sundar Pichai boasts a substantial net worth of $600 million. Since 2015, Sundar’s annual earnings have been around US$6.5 million, which escalated to approximately US$2 million since 2018.

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