Emersyn Rose Harteis

Emersyn Rose Harteis, a beloved internet sensation, owes her popularity to her illustrious family, constantly in the limelight of cameras and media attention.

Born on October 28, 2018, Emersyn is the daughter of the renowned television host Jeannie Mai and her estranged husband, the famous American producer and host, Freddy Harteis. The joyous announcement of her birth came from Freddy and his then-girlfriend, Lindsey Toole.

Jeannie Mai is widely recognized as an American stylist and television host, renowned for her work in the popular show ‘How Do I Look?’ and her hosting role on the daytime show ‘The Real.’


Emersyn Rose Harteis finds herself in the home of the esteemed American producer and host, Freddy Harteis, and her mother, Lindsey Toole. Although they have two children together, Freddy and Lindsey have yet to formalize their relationship, living as devoted partners.

Emersyn Rose Harteis’s Parents

Once the favored and celebrated couple within the Hollywood media fraternity, Jeannie and Freddy Harteis eventually parted ways in 2017. Following their separation, Freddy was seen with another woman, reported to be his new girlfriend, Lindsey Toole.

After a year of separation from Jeannie Mai, there were no reports of pregnancies or children from the couple during their time together. Jeannie Mai had made it unequivocally clear from the beginning that she had no desire to become a mother.

On the other hand, Freddy expressed a longing for parenthood after parting ways with Jeannie. Subsequently, he welcomed a beautiful daughter, Emersyn Rose Harteis, in 2018, and a son named ‘Huck Fredrick’ a year later in 2019, with his girlfriend Lindsey Toole. Both Emersyn and Huck often grace the Instagram posts of @FreddyHarteis, where they exude joy and resemblance to their parents.

In one heartwarming post, the children were photographed sitting in a suitcase filled with toys, their beaming smiles and bright eyes captivating the delight of fans and admirers, as they bear a striking resemblance to their parents.

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