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Li Chin Rodger is the spouse of the renowned Hollywood producer, a British star filmmaker, and the esteemed photographer, Peter Rodger.

Continuing to delve into Li Chin Rodger’s personal life:

Personal Life of Li Chin Rodger

Li Chin Rodger was born in 1961 in Penang, Malaysia. She wed Peter Rodger, the filmmaker, and photographer, but their marriage ultimately ended in separation and divorce in 1998.

Li Chin Rodger is a mother to two children, namely Elliot Rodger, who gained notoriety as a criminal, and Georgia Rodger, a gifted composer and acoustician hailing from the United Kingdom.

Li Chin Rodger maintains a low-profile on the internet, zealously guarding her privacy and keeping her childhood and family details hidden from the public and media.

Li Chin Rodger’s Career

Beyond her role as Peter’s wife, Li Chin pursued a profession as a Malaysian Chinese nurse and worked on film sets. Subsequently, she became a research assistant for a film company.

Let’s take a glimpse at her contributions to various movies:

Unit nurse in the 1990 film “White Hunter Black Heart”
Unit nurse in the 1990 film “Nuns on the Run”
Unit nurse in the 1989 film “Henry V”
Unit nurse in the 1989 film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”
Unit nurse in the 1988 film “High Spirits”
First aid personnel in the 1987 film “The Princess Bride”
Received thanks credit in the short film “XBroken” in 2012
Details About Li Chin’s Children
In an affidavit, Li Chin described Elliot as a “high-functioning autistic child” and requested additional child care support to care for him. However, Peter Rodger contested this diagnosis with the opinion of Dr. Stephen M. Scappa, a Beverly Hills doctor, who recommended further examination and treatment by a child psychiatrist for Elliot.

Tragically, Elliot Rodger went on a rampage in Isla Vista, Calif., on May 23, claiming six lives before taking his own life. Li Chin and Peter Rodger issued a heart-wrenching statement expressing their sorrow as they grappled with their 22-year-old son’s protracted struggle with emotional issues.

Financial Situation of Li Chin Rodger

During the divorce proceedings with Peter Roger, it was revealed that Peter was deeply in debt, while Li Chin earned a modest annual income of $40,000 as a research assistant for a film company. Despite this, she agreed to a one-year suspension for child care and support, with a monthly income of just $3,200. Her generosity extended to her adult son, including paying his rent and gifting him a used BMW 328i, enabling Elliot to reside in the college community of Isla Vista.

Net Worth of Li Chin Roger

As the spouse of one of the wealthiest filmmakers globally, Li Chin Rodger is associated with an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion.

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