From object of desire to joke: what happened to metrosexuals?

In the early 2000s, a new breed of men emerged onto the cultural scene, characterized by their meticulous grooming, fashion-consciousness, and willingness to embrace traditionally feminine self-care practices. Coined as “metrosexuals,” these individuals challenged conventional notions of masculinity, sparking both fascination and debate. Over the past two decades, the concept of metrosexuality has evolved, leaving […]

White Bean and Spinach Salad with Herb Pesto

Canned legumes, particularly white beans, offer versatility and convenience in culinary creations. Among their myriad uses, incorporating them into salads stands out as a superb choice. They not only enhance the salad’s texture but also contribute significant nutritional value, often elevating salads to standalone dishes. In this recipe, we pair creamy white beans with spinach […]

Hate Crimes Against the LGBTQ+ Community: A Growing Concern in Spain

Introduction In its latest report, the General Prosecutor’s Office highlights hate crimes as the most severe expression of discrimination and an attack on fundamental norms of coexistence. Specifically, convictions for crimes targeting sexual orientation and gender identity increased by 23.3% last year, comprising the majority of the 125 sentences handed down for such offenses, surpassing […]

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