Id Nouruz in Seattle

Set on the table,Seven S’sto symbolize Id Nouruz,Persian New Year:Seer, Sekkeh, Somakh,Seeb, Sheerini, Sabzi, Serkehgarlic, gold coins, dried berries,apples, sweetmeats, sprouted wheat, vinegar.My aunt completes the sofrehwith a silver framed mirror, goldfish in a bowl,hyacinths and an old Koran. The first day of Spring,the first day of the year.I ran in the morning,cedar trail fragrant […]

I love fresh milk

If you were to go out and purchase fresh milk, what would you choose? Bagged milk and rooftop pasteurized milk are options, or you could even raise a cow in your backyard and have milk readily available. This may seem unremarkable, but it conceals a vast secret. Why drink milk: A recent study by Danish […]


It is difficult to describe in words everything that happens in Serbia and is related to reality programs, both during their duration and after each series. What is indisputable is that it is highly watched and if we go by that simple logic, if it didn’t pay off it wouldn’t even be broadcast. Do you […]

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