Heather Carmillia Joseph

Who is unfamiliar with the illustrious and renowned global celebrity and rapper, 21 Savage? His name resonates with music enthusiasts worldwide, owing to his unparalleled talent and music. Revered for his remarkable rapping prowess and record-setting compositions, he has amassed a devoted following among aficionados of bop and EDM genres.

Have you ever pondered upon the lineage and educational background of 21 Savage’s family? You are not alone in your curiosity, as many have sought to uncover these details as well.

Venture forth to learn about Heather Carmillia Joseph, the matriarch linked to the world’s most famous rapper, and her role in bolstering his fame.

Personal Biography:

The age of Heather Carmillia Joseph hovers around 50 years, though her precise birthdate remains a well-guarded secret. A birthday celebration she shared with her son on the 2nd of July in 2021 may offer a hint, yet the possibility of a belated celebration lingers.

Though she herself does not bask in the same limelight as her son, she is cherished by numerous individuals for enabling 21 Savage to realize his dreams. His magnetic rapping and self-produced music have garnered immense attention, but no other details regarding Duke Kenneth Fluent have been officially disclosed.

Professional Biography:

The mother-son duo is renowned for their philanthropic endeavors, extending aid to the underprivileged in the areas they reach. While her career remains undisclosed, her interactive posts have likely contributed to her popularity.

Educational Biography:

Considering Duke’s age, it is conceivable that his high school studies have concluded, possibly paving the way for college. However, no official announcements have shed light on this aspect, rendering specific information about his education elusive.

Facts & Net Worth:

Heather Carmillia Joseph’s net worth remains uncharted territory, given the absence of information pertaining to her professional life. In contrast, her son, the esteemed rapper and musician, 21 Savage, boasts a net worth of approximately 12 million dollars.

Social Media Availability:

While both mother and son are present on social media platforms, Heather Carmillia Joseph primarily engages with her audience on Instagram under the username “heatherj4life.” Her fan following, while not as vast as her son’s, still attests to her popularity. On the other hand, 21 Savage enjoys a staggering following of over 13 million under the username “21savage.”


Heather Carmillia Joseph is the mother of 21 Savage and has played a pivotal role in his rise to fame by supporting his pursuit of dreams. Together, this mother-son duo has carved a path to success and garnered widespread admiration.

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