Maiyisha Rashad

Maiyisha Ahmad is the youngest and most endearing of her parents’ six progeny, the celebrated footballer Ahmad Rashad and her mother, Matilda Johnson. She shares kinship with four older siblings, namely Condola Rashad, Keva Rashad, Sean Rashad, and Ahmad Jr. Rashad. Maiyisha Rashad’s name finds its origin in a Sanskrit term denoting the Hindu Goddess of “desire or want.”


Maiyisha Ahmad Rashad entered the world in 1976, born to the esteemed American football player and former sports commentator, Ahmad Rashad, in the United States of America. Little is available about her early education and upbringing, as she guards her private life from the prying eyes of the media.


Ahmad Rashad is not solely renowned for his career as an American sportscaster but also distinguished himself as a professional football player in his earlier years. Born Robert Earl Moore on November 19, 1949, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, he was selected fourth overall by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1972 NFL Draft. Prior to adopting the name Ahmad Rashad, he was known as Bobby Moore.

Initially drafted by the Cardinals, Rashad transitioned to playing wide receiver in his second season with the team. A knee injury compelled him to miss the entire 1975 season after being traded to the Buffalo Bills in 1974. Subsequently, he signed with the Seattle Seahawks before the 1976 season. His prowess on the field led to four Pro Bowl selections during his tenure with the Minnesota Vikings from 1978 to 1981.


Maiyisha Rashad is a notably private individual on social media, sharing scant information about her personal life, including her relationship status. The public remains unaware of her romantic involvements, whether she has a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or a fiancé. There is no available data on her marital status or current companionship.


Ahmad Rashad has embarked on five marriages and experienced four divorces. His first union with Melody Neal, his high school sweetheart, resulted in the birth of a son, Geoffery Simmons, who Rashad fathered. Unfortunately, the boy was left fatherless during his childhood in 1967. Upon turning 18, he reconnected with his father through Amara (formerly Medina Adoption Agency), leading to their first meeting.

Additionally, Rashad married Deidre Waters in 1969, and they had a daughter, Keva, born in 1970. In 1976, he wedded his second wife, Matilda Johnson, after parting ways with his first spouse. During the same year, Rashad fathered a son, Sean, with another woman. Both Maiyisha and her brother Ahmad Jr. were born in 1976. Regrettably, their marriage concluded in divorce in 1979.


Verified data on Maiyisha Rashad’s exact net worth remains unavailable. However, her father, Ahmad Rashad, has accumulated a substantial fortune of approximately $10 million, amassed from his football and sports career. He further augmented his net worth through ventures in various business endeavors.


Maiyisha Ahmad embodies charm and grace, cherished by countless admirers worldwide, and has attained considerable fame and acclaim. Fans eagerly await updates about her life with eager anticipation.

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