Anna Wrossetti

Anna Wrosetti garnered recognition through her sister Gelila Bekele’s prominence. Their family relocated to Europe when Anna was eight before eventually settling in the United States. After completing high school, Anna secured admission into college and subsequently devoted herself to philanthropic work in Ethiopia, gaining global acclaim. She aligned herself with charitable organizations like Charity: Water and Glimmer of Hope, actively participating in various humanitarian projects.

Gelila Bekele, Anna’s illustrious sister, is a renowned Ethiopian model, whose success extends to major brands, magazines, and publications. Beyond her modeling achievements, Gelila stands out as a generous individual, co-founding Charity: Water with Scott Harrison, a photographer and entrepreneur, to serve the indigenous people of Ethiopia. As a civil rights activist and documentary maker, Gelila fervently advocates for the rights and equitable use of natural resources. Her diverse approach and unwavering commitment to public welfare distinguish her as a multifaceted celebrity.

Gelila’s modeling triumphs, encompassing various international brands and publications, catapulted her to fame. However, her significant contributions to community service within Ethiopia have earned her numerous accolades. Through Charity: Water and her association with Glimmer of Hope, she has actively championed humanitarian projects to uplift the lives of individuals in developing countries. Gelila’s efforts extend to authoring books and creating documentary films that address critical issues.

As for Gelila Bekele’s net worth, it is estimated at around $600 million, a testament to her more than a decade-long career in modeling and acting.

Regarding her personal life, Gelila Bekele has been in a romantic relationship with actor and comedian Tyler Perry since 2009. While they share children together, there is no official news about marriage or engagement.

In conclusion, Gelila Bekele, the distinguished Ethiopian model, has achieved remarkable success in her modeling career and has graced the covers of esteemed magazines worldwide. Her philanthropic endeavors exemplify her generous nature, making her a role model for embracing social activism alongside her modeling pursuits.

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