Armando Sotres

Armando Sotres, a visionary entrepreneur credited with pioneering nightclubs in Acapulco, left a profound mark on the entertainment scene. The details surrounding his passing in October 2017 remain undisclosed.

In his private life, Armando was married to the American model, Tony Starr, with whom he had two daughters, Erika and Kali. Erika, a renowned model and actress, has made her mark in the entertainment industry, showcasing her talent in various films and Telenovelas, including the popular series “Gossip Girl.” Erika is now married to Sergio Mayer, a Mexican actor, and the couple has two daughters, Antonia and Victoria.

The nature of Armando’s relationship with his daughters has not been fully revealed, with some sources suggesting a strained dynamic leading to Erika and Kali leaving to live with their mother, Tony Starr, following her divorce from Armando.

Armando Sotres achieved success as a businessman, particularly through his popular restaurant that attracted foreign dignitaries visiting the beaches of Acapulco in the 1960s. In 1967, he, along with architect Aurelio, launched the renowned ‘Armando’s Le Club,’ drawing inspiration from New York City’s Studio 54. The club became a hotspot for celebrities and local and international diners alike, owing to its exquisite service and the architectural charm reminiscent of the White House.

Armando’s former wife, Tony Starr, a prominent New York model in the 1960s, led a fascinating life, with previous marriages before finding lasting happiness with businessman Jaime Camil Garza, her soulmate until his death on December 6, 2020. Tony Starr endured a long battle with throat cancer, eventually triumphing over the illness several years ago.

While Armando Sotres’ net worth remains undisclosed, he achieved success and recognition through his ventures. On the other hand, his daughter Erika boasts a net worth of over $1.5 million, primarily sourced from her acting career, which began in 1996 and has spanned over 27 films and television series.

In conclusion, Armando Sotres’ legacy as a visionary entrepreneur continues to be celebrated, and his family’s journey reflects a tapestry of achievements and experiences that have shaped their lives.

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