Make the grill ready for use after the winter break

When the sun finally comes out again in spring and the temperatures rise, barbecues once again become an integral part of leisure activities. The barbecue season is joyfully opened and the barbecue is taken out of its winter storage. Despite the joy of a first barbecue, it is important not to forget to grill properly. During the winter rest period, some things may have changed in the condition of your barbecue – and not for the better. We’ll give you a few tips on how to start the new barbecue season well prepared. Get the barbecue ready for use after the winter break – then you can plan large and small barbecues with peace of mind after the barbecue winter break.

Check the safety
With a charcoal barbecue, you won’t have to worry too much about safety after the barbecue’s winter break. The situation is different with a gas barbecue. You must always test and check the gas barbecue outdoors.

After the winter break, it is essential to check all elements of the gas system. Is everything still tight after the barbecue winter break? If not, your barbecue is a source of danger. It is also always important to ensure that the gas cylinder is completely intact. If there are any signs of deformation, it is advisable to buy a replacement from a dealer or supplier. The pressure reducer must also be in perfect working order. All gas hoses and supply lines must not be porous or leaking. You can find more information in our article on barbecue safety.

The barbecue winter break ends: what to do?
Further safety information:
The igniter is always checked with the lid open
If there is no immediate ignition, close the gas tap and try again after a break
Blue flames are OK, yellow flames may indicate defects
At the slightest sign of a fault in the gas system, it is essential to have it checked by a specialist
If you have an electric barbecue, please check the cable thoroughly. If it is no longer intact, you must not grill with it under any circumstances and must first have the damage repaired.

Clean thoroughly before first use
Don’t be alarmed if the barbecue no longer looks really good, as most unsightly spots on the barbecue can be easily removed. If dirt and mould has built up on the plastic parts during the barbecue’s winter break, this can be easily removed with warm water and a dishwashing detergent. Rust is just as easy to tackle. Clean with a steel brush, then a strong fire will help to eliminate the remaining dirt. Oiling is a good way of preventing rust from forming. Replace the grill grate if necessary. Click here to go directly to our barbecue cleaning instructions

Culinary delights after the winter break
Immediately after the barbecue winter break, the hunger for tasty barbecue food is great. Here you can really draw on the full potential. It’s not hot in spring, so it can be a little richer and greasier, depending on your taste, of course. Warm vegetables taste just as delicious as the first refreshing salads as a barbecue side dish. Thanks to the pleasant spring temperatures, a beer with a steak and sausage tastes really refreshing again.

We from the Grill-Kenner team wish you a good start to the new barbecue season!

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