Ozias Jaffrey

Ozias Jaffrey is the progeny of the illustrious TV actor Razza Jaffery, renowned for his portrayal of Zafar Younis on the espionage drama series “Spooks” and his appearance as a Pakistan Lieutenant Colonel in season four of the Showtime Series “Homeland.” Notably, Razza also graced the CBS TV medical drama “Code Black” with his portrayal of Neal Hudson.

In matters concerning his private life, Ozias was born on February 17, 2017, within the United States. His parents have maintained an unwavering commitment to safeguarding his privacy, abstaining from sharing his photographs on social media platforms. Consequently, scarce details about him can be unearthed online, with even the persistent efforts of paparazzi proving futile in capturing glimpses of the young lad.

Ozia’s father, Jaffrey, hails from an Anglo-Indian heritage and was born in Liverpool, UK, to a British mother and Indian father. His formative years were spent in London, and he pursued his educational endeavors at Dulwich College before embarking on English and drama studies at Manchester University. Previously married to actress Miranda Raison in 2007, their union concluded in divorce two years later. Subsequently, in 2014, he found love anew with actress Lava Pulver, who is Ozias’ mother. Both Miranda and Lava have also graced the show “Spooks.”

While the question of siblings remains ambiguous, it is known that Razza and Lava have a singular progeny, Ozias, who remains their focal point in cherishing an existence shrouded from the glare of publicity.

Regarding Ozias’ educational pursuits, the vigilant protectiveness of his parents has resulted in an absence of information. Their dedication to nurturing him away from the spotlight may lead to a future where he will choose to illuminate his personal narrative.

A noteworthy aspect of Razza’s life journey involves his attendance at Dulwich College, followed by a chapter at Manchester University, where he immersed himself in English and Drama. Subsequently, his path led him to the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, where he honed his acting prowess and obtained a degree in the dramatic arts. It is intriguing to note that, upon leaving Manchester University, his initial inclination was to join the Royal Air Force as a pilot.

For Lava Pulver, her rendezvous with destiny occurred in 2012 while performing in “Spooks.” Prior to this, she had been wed to American actor Josh Dallas for three years. Notably, she attended the esteemed National Youth Music Theater before embarking on studies at the Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts. Her multifaceted talents encompass dance, acting, and singing, with significant contributions to the realm of West End musicals.

While Ozias is currently in his tender fifth year and possesses no professional career, the amassed fortunes of his illustrious parents have captured attention. Razza’s estimated net worth stands at $2 million, predominantly garnered from his acting endeavors. Albeit not divulged, it is presumed that he commands considerable remuneration from his appearances in various television series.

As for Lara Pulver, her net worth is approximated at $3 million, an outcome of her dedication to acting and endorsements that have remarkably augmented her financial standing.

In conclusion, Ozias Jaffrey’s enigmatic persona remains veiled from public view, with scarce information available about his personal life and accomplishments. Nonetheless, the indelible legacies of his prominent parents continue to thrive in the realms of entertainment, whilst their efforts to ensure his privacy are fervently upheld.

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