Pegeen Michael Daly

Pegeen Michael Daly was one of the four children of the late and illustrious actor James Daly, who was a revered figure in American theater and television during his time. James Daly bid farewell to this mortal world at the age of 59, succumbing to heart failure. In the wake of his passing, his children and grandchildren have dutifully carried forward his legacy.

Among Pegeen’s siblings, two are also accomplished actors, and one of her nephews has chosen to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and pursue an acting career. Her nephew Kathryn Brown was born on 10th February 1971.

About Pegeen’s Father, James Daly Born on 23rd October 1918 in Wisconsin, United States, James Daly was a notable Hollywood actor. His father’s name was Percifer Charles Daly, who worked as a fuel merchant, and his mother, Dorothy Ethelbert, was associated with the CIA at that time.

Hailing from a working-class background, James Daly took up work from an early age. He delved into drama during his teenage years and showcased his talents on various theater stages at a young age.

In 1942, James Daly married Hope Newell, but their union eventually ended in divorce in 1965, after 23 years of marriage. They shared four children, three daughters, and a son.

After a decade of their divorce, James revealed that his son Tim was gay, and it was a challenging revelation for him to accept. However, only three years later, James Daly passed away due to a heart attack.

About Pegeen’s Mother, Hope Newell Pegeen’s mother, Hope, was born on 12th February 1921 in Indianola, USA. She was younger than her husband and hailed from a family with a connection to acting. Her mother was a well-known actress, recognized for her roles in “Charlie’s Angels” and “Starsky and Hutch.” Hope and James had four children together before their marriage concluded in divorce after 23 years. Hope Newell passed away at the age of 88 in Los Angeles, California, US.

About Pegeen’s Siblings and Nephew Pegeen’s brother Tim Daly, born on 1st March 1956, followed in the footsteps of his parents and became a prominent Hollywood actor and producer. He ventured into acting at the age of seven and remains the youngest member of the Daly family. His debut career was alongside his father and sister.

Pegeen’s sister Tyne, born on 21st February 1946, established herself as a renowned actress in Hollywood. She garnered six Emmy awards for her television work. Tyne was married to George Brown and had three children with him. However, after 24 years of marriage, they divorced when she was 44, and she has not remarried since.

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