Franklin Bennett Roof

Many individuals achieve fame through their remarkable achievements, while others find themselves in the spotlight due to their esteemed lineage. Additionally, a number of peculiar circumstances can catapult individuals to popularity, including the proliferation of viral videos and captivating photographs, as exemplified by the case of Franklin Bennett Roof.

Mr. Roof’s notoriety diverges significantly from that of contemporary stars who have risen to great prominence in the past decade. Unlike those favored by celebrity status or familial connections, his renown stems from a unique and harrowing background.

Early Life

Franklin Bennett Roof is renowned as the progenitor of one of society’s most notorious criminals, who has surpassed the horrors of even the most heinous serial killers. His son, Dylan Roof, stands as a wanted criminal responsible for numerous acts of violence, including shooting sprees and merciless murders.

The environment in which Dylan was raised was marred by the sinister specter of domestic violence, attributable to Franklin Bennett’s reputation as an exceptionally abusive father. Distressingly, he assisted his son in acquiring the firearms used in the tragic Charleston Church massacre. Dylan’s descent into a life of crime can be partially traced back to the tumultuous household he was raised in.


Given Franklin Bennett’s history of violence, details regarding his educational background remain elusive. His proclivity towards aggression likely emerged during his formative years, which regrettably manifested in his son’s criminal conduct. Similarly, Dylan’s educational pursuits are shrouded in obscurity, as he solely left behind a criminal record bereft of any academic accomplishments. Despite his father’s aggressive demeanor, Dylan demonstrated a cunning and ruthless intellect, employing it to perpetrate crimes beyond his father’s scope of imagination.


Considering the troubled educational and criminal histories of both father and son, it becomes apparent that conventional careers were not to be found in their lives. Regrettably, their paths led solely towards lives riddled with violent criminality, in which they mercilessly snuffed out the lives of innocent individuals.

Net Worth & Fun Facts

No reliable estimates exist regarding their net worth, as their purported sources of income remain undisclosed and lacking in any semblance of legitimacy. Franklin Bennett Roof, even during his separation from his ex-wife, displayed no apparent means of sustenance.

In conclusion, Franklin Bennett is forever linked to his infamous offspring, Dylan Roof, a cold-blooded murderer of unparalleled notoriety. The grim saga of their lives serves as a chilling reminder of the profound impact familial environments can exert on individuals, shaping their destinies in ways both tragic and terrifying.

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