The most important literary trends

Literary Movements Literary movements refer to the trends in literature that share stylistic features, themes, aesthetics, and ideologies specific to certain periods in history. They don’t necessarily form a school but express the spirit of an era. Talking about literary movements also includes literary trends, and oftentimes, the terms are used interchangeably. Some reserve the […]

Medusa: from monster to feminist icon

Medusa with her snake hair and fierce eyes is one of the most emblematic mythological figures of the Greek world. Although she occupied a secondary place in the imaginary of gods and heroes, her character has remained to this day, as she has been represented countless times in art, literature and cinema. Over time, he […]

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Little is known with certainty about this author. It is most likely that he is a strategist, in the sense given by the Greeks, a leader of armies, a general, who lived in China five hundred years before Jesus Christ. Under the name of Sun Tzu Wu hides one of the best strategic thinkers of […]

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